My name is Petra Založnik

I work with individuals, teams and organisations who want to work and implement changes in a more connected, inclusive and sustanaible way.

My background
I believe in the power of conversation, collaboration and action. I believe in inquisitiveness, openness, respect for difference, boldness, professional competency and bravery. I believe that on our own and together we can achieve our goals. And I believe in the power of changes, if they are necessary and meaningful.

Every change starts with us. It depends on the amount of time and energy we have to make the change. On whether we are prepared to learn and take risks. On whether we are willing to persevere even during moments of discomfort and trust in the process. And on whether we permit ourselves to think and work differently.

And I believe that every long journey starts with a simple first step. It would be my pleasure to set out together with you on this journey.

I create a safe space for your transformation

I will support you in creating your vision

I support you to take wise decisions and courageous actions

I will help you to draw up an action plan together and to define the ways in which you will achieve your desired goals

I will empower you to develop key competencies for change and development

I will encourage you to persevere with what is new

The key motto of my work is COURAGE:


Methods, approaches and tools

Participative and narrative approaches form the foundations of my work. I use the following methods, approaches and tools:
  • Art of Hosting

  • Facilitation

  • Story Coaching

  • Storytelling (Storytelling)

  • Visual Thinking

  • Theory U

  • The basics of non-violent communication

parallax background

My background

I am a university graduate in Education and the Sociology of Culture. Over the past 15 years, I have worked in the public sector and in for-profit and non-profit organisations. I have worked in the field of organisational development, leadership skills and training, in both formal and non-formal education, as well as on evaluation and sustainable development.

In 2017, I started out on my own path, creating CorRoots, Petra Založnik s.p. I am an educator, facilitator, ICF Story Coach, consultant and storyteller. I am a member of the Art of Hosting network, a member of the team of AoPL Hrvaška the Collaborative Approaches team (Sodelovalnih pristopov) and Zavod Umni.