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Coaching is an approach which creates a safe space between client and coach in order to facilitate personal and professional development. Story coaching is a unique method that draws on stories and the power of telling and understanding stories.

Professional coaching

As a coach, I work directly with you or your colleagues on the processes, challenges or opportunities you are facing.

I run individual or group coaching, depending on your preferences.

Story coaching has proven to be an effective tool if you are looking to:

strengthen your leadership skills

explore your values, vision and mission

create a clear message and present it in an original way

develop and launch new products or services

improve interpersonal relations and communication

solve conflicts and disagreements

Personal coaching

We tell ourselves and others stories everyday related to our life experiences. The stories we tell influence the way in which we experience, how we see these experiences and how we consequently lead our lives.

Story coaching enables you to:

understand how our own stories (beliefs, thoughts, assumptions…) influence our experiences and the creation of our realities

put into words and tell your story more easily

become aware of and overcome beliefs that may be limiting you

recognise your own learning process

bring to life your strength and potential in order to achieve your desired goals

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