Planning and leading processes remotely

Even though we meet at a distance, we remain connected.

Our way of working is changing. It is changing in terms of how we work, where we work and who does which work. Many of our meetings, conferences and training sessions are currently also carried out remotely. Given that inclusion is key to the success of our process, it is important that when leading processes at a distance we do it in a way in which participants are able to collaborate, connect with each other and co-create. It is how we come together at a distance, which influences the outcomes of the process and how satisfied you feel.

I can support you in planning and leading online processes. I can help you to:

develop the skills required to lead processes remotely

establish goals for meetings

select appropriate methods, tools and applications for carrying out meetings in an inclusive and participative manner

plan processes

execute and lead the process

create visual results and records of your meetings

create a pleasant, relaxed and supportive remote working environment

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Wondering how remote working can take place in a way which connects people and is effective?