Take your story and give it a voice.

Do you tell stories? Do you tell 'real' stories? Do you tell stories in an inclusive way that connects and reaches out?

Since time began, people have been telling stories. Stories are one of the oldest and most effective tools still in use today for communicating, leading, promoting and marketing, connecting to each other, conflict resolution etc.

Why is this the case? Because stories help us to think, remember and give meaning.

Stories help shed light on our past and current situation. But most importantly our stories can change, and in so doing enable us to create our desired future. Stories also enable us to reflect on how to achieve something new and why it is worth persevering.

Working with stories is effective if within your organisation, company or team you want to:

pridobiti jasen vpogled v temelje vašega delovanja

get a clear insight into the essence of your work

carry out an evaluation of a project or process with the help of stories

encourage people to listen to each other and respect different perspectives and ways of thinking

equip your team with the skills to create and tell stories

introduce a new and successful way of dealing with complexity and coming up with new solutions

create and share stories of success, mistakes, learning, change…

bring insomething different, new perspectives, hope and trust

involve new colleagues

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How can I use the power of stories in my work with groups?