»We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.«

~John Dewey

Evaluation is the systematic collection of data about the implementation, attributes and outcomes of a programme, project or policy, in order to assess, improve and gain a baseline from which to decide on and plan further activities.

I use a Developmental Evaluation approach in my work, which:

is useful for complexity, innovation, developing prototypes, adapting goals and context, and experimenting

provides you with a detailed and in-depth interpretation of the data

gathers and interprets data as you go along, enabling you to improve and immediately adapt activities as you go along

is goal driven: decisions are made based on ongoing information and key findings and insights

Process evaluation enables you to follow and collect the following results of the project/programme/policy:

the unseen results for example a change in language used, an increase in awareness, habit changes, new ways of working

influences: how different actions and activities influence change, and which changes they contribute to etc.

local, national or international policies: for example written reports, discussions about the results of the evaluation, policy change, inclusion of various stakeholders etc.

parallax background

Do you want to use the results of your evaluation to take wise decisions and the right steps forward?