Innovative educational processes

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

~ B. Franklin

The way in which we lead educational processes influences how successfully we are able to share our knowledge and make a mark on the participants, and how effectively they will include what they have learnt in their everyday work and development. As adults, we are independent learners in the educational process: we need to see purpose and sense in what we are learning and we learn best through experience ('learning by doing'). It is therefore vital that as educators we are aware of the potential, responsibilities and possibilities we have at hand, when we are passing on our knowledge, experiences and skills.

I work with organisations, companies, schools and individuals, who are interested in:

building a creative learning environment which encourages curiosity and motivation to learn

finding out how to lead educational processes by drawing on the potential, experiences and knowledge that participants already have

becoming familiar with and starting to use collaborative and participative working methods (e.g. world cafe, storytelling, circle time, open space etc.)

integrating powerful questions into educational processes

offering your trainers and educators individual coaching and mentoring for planning and implementing new models and types of educational processes

parallax background

I want to provide a successful learning experience for participants and enable them to put their learning into practice.